Critical Lessons & Educational Change

Dear County Executive and Mayor

Written and Submitted by Central New York High School Students

March 24, 2011

Dear County Executive Joanie Mahoney and Mayor Stephanie Miner,

We have been concerned about many issues in Onondaga County, but we would like to focus on the spread of STD’s among teens.  We feel this is important because young teens are not being educated which is why the rate of STD’s among youth is very high in our country.  Seeing as health classes are not required in all classes we are asking that you would establish a policy that all high schools must have students take two semesters of sex education.

In addition we want there to be a workshop that further educates teens and gives them resources to get themselves checked and tested for STD’s.  In order for this workshop to happen we would need financial support from your office.  The workshop will include examples on how to use protection properly, where you can purchase and receive condoms, testimonial from adults living with STD’s, and a guest speaker.

In conclusion, we hope that you will consider our concerns and take action immediately.


The Red Team

A Working Group of Eight Concerned and Engaged Central New York High School Students From The Syracuse University (Intergroup Dialogue Program, “Raising Our Voices”) Spring 2011 Institute